Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Living Skills Must For A Better World

We do have a rich culture indefinitely, but what good is a rich culture, if we don’t practice good living skills.

We won't become a leader, just by saying that we have an old rich culture. We have to do more than that.

We lack in living skills because in our younger years we really don’t practice it practically. We do teach our young ones but just theoretically, they don’t indulge in it practically.  

Rather they are indulged into mugging up A to Z and 1 to 100 to get the first grade. In this process, we miss out on teaching them the most important part that is living skills, which is mostly done by the parents for their children. 

What I feel is in early years children should be more focused on practicing motor skills, daily living skills like practicing personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, undressing, laundry, meal preparation, feeding, housekeeping, home safety and etc.

These teachings should not just be about keeping themselves or their home clean and safe, but also their environment, flora and fauna.

And these skills should be practiced practically in homes, schools and the environment.

There is a very wrong perception that people have about keeping their surroundings safe and clean. They think that keeping the environment safe and clean is somebody’s job, but I would like to enlighten them that it is every citizen’s responsibility.

Once these living skills are well imbibed into children’s, then we can move on to involve children with other academic studies.

The aim is not just explaining to them why these skills are important, but also to see  that they actually practice it their whole life. It is about teaching them not to look down upon such activities, but to teach them it’s every citizen’s responsibility to practice it and keep themselves and their environment safe and clean. It’s about making them experience these activities and respect it and its outcome.  

The life remains same without any improvement if you don’t experience it and respect it.

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