Thursday, April 16, 2020

Nepalese Food

Nepalese food has evolved from India’s neighboring Himalayan friend Nepal. Nepal is a multicultural and multi-ethnic country having 126 distinct ethnic groups, speaking 123 different mother tongues.

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in Nepal employing more than a million people and contributing 7.9% of the total GDP.

Nepalese cuisine has a variety of dishes made from local produce and has been influenced by different cultures and the ingredients brought by them. Nepalese food includes cereals, pulses, vegetables, meat and dairy. The main cuisines of Nepal are the Khas cuisine, Himalayan cuisine (Tibetan, Thakali), Newar cuisine, Lohorung cuisine, Terai cuisine and other ethnic variations.

There are many Nepalese who live in India who are either Indian citizens or Nepali citizens. They are also called as Gurkha or Gorkhali. Indian army has 7 Gorkha regiments that recruit Gorkhali of both Indian or Nepali nationality. Nepalese culture is not so different from Indian culture, as they have been influenced by the same religions over the era.

The state of Uttarakhand and western Nepal share a long history as they were many times under the same kingdoms. Uttarakhand shares an open border with Nepal. These borders are in Dharchula, Baluokote, Jauljabe, Dauda and Jhulaghat in Pithoragarh district and Banbasa in Champawat district.

In this blog I would be writing about Nepalese dishes which are eaten by Nepalese in Uttarakhand. The dishes are simple, healthy and yummy. 

Nepalese Dishes

Bhuteko Bhat is a popular fried rice dish in which we can add Egg or fried Meat or fried Vegetables.

Dal is a tasty and healthy soup made usually from Masoor Dal (Red Lentil).


Saag is a tasty veggie dish made from Spinach.

Khole saag is a tasty veggie dish made from Watercress. 

Gorkhali chutney is a delicious side dish made from Potatoes. 

Momo is a delicious steamed dumpling filled with meat or vegetable mixture.

Thukpa is a delicious dish made from boiled noodles and vegetable or meat soup.

Bhutua is a mouth watering dish made from goat stomach, liver and intestine.

Pork curry is an appetizing dish made from pork meat. 

Sel Roti is a tasty sweet dish made from rice which can be served with Gorkhali Chutney or Bhutua or tea.

Fini is a delicious sweet dish made from rice flour, maida and sugar. 

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